About me

Welcome to Milena Sayad Knitwear! I am Milena, a professional designer, dreamer, and advocate of sustainable fashion. I want to remind people that beauty comes from within our hearts, and our unique dresses are the reflection of everyone’s vivid inner world.

I wanted to become a designer since I was a small child. I remember watching fashion shows, dreaming that my dresses would one day adorn models and, more importantly, all women who want to look unique. All I wanted was to get a chance to showcase my artistry and create designs that tell stories of who we are and what we believe in. Fortunately, I got my chance when I moved to Scotland and graduated from the Glasgow School of Art, specializing in knitting. My dreams became a reality as I could finally express myself through carefully knitted dresses. I take pride in what I do, and I’m always learning new things about my craft as I know that the world changes very fast, and we must keep up with the pace.

Throughout the years, I’ve realized that we can only shine if we follow our goals and values. The real beauty is to stay strong to your principles and follow your path, even if it is sometimes challenging. That is why I strongly support sustainable fashion and make sure that my work would benefit the environment instead of hurting it. I want to be a role model to other young artists who are still looking for their unique voices and need some guidance. As an owner of a small business, I do my best to support our community and build ever-lasting relationships. I was once a student myself, so I know how challenging it is to find an internship, and that’s why, whenever I get a chance, I am always happy to accept students and help them grow professionally.

What I do

Milena Sayad Knitwear is all about quality, authenticity, and sustainability. Every dress is handmade at a professional studio in Glasgow, using the best quality equipment and materials. For example, I use extra fine Zegna Baruffa merino, which is extremely soft and perfectly adjusts to the body temperature, making it perfect for women who experience hormone imbalance or menopause. I understand that to feel confident, you need to feel comfortable, so I use knitting techniques that make each dress fit your body and soul. And before I put our products for sale, I inspect them thoroughly so that they would meet the highest standards.

Milena Sayad Knitwear supports every woman’s authenticity, so no dress is ever the same. Knowing that you wear a handmade dress with distinctive style and patterns, you will be able to shine and highlight your one-of-a-kind personality. As I use a hand-operated knitting machine, some irregularities might occur, but instead of spoiling the dress, they add even more flavor and soul to the final product.

Nature allows us to survive and enjoy life. We should understand that nature is our friend, which we must nurture, love, and support instead of taking advantage of it. That is why I only use high-quality recyclable materials and make sure that every production process would not hurt the environment. Instead of quantity, I always choose quality – it takes time to create ever-lasting designs and pieces, so I only craft a maximum of ten dresses per month. This way, I guarantee that I stick to my values and high standards by also reducing waste and encouraging people to think about sustainability. It is nice to see you at Milena Sayad Knitwear – your unique personality deserves beauty, and I am here to knit it for you!